Unit 7 Resources
These are based on the new standards and pacing, mostly to fill in holes from the Math 2-Math 3 switch and other units - USE THESE!!!
West Mecklenburg High School Pacing:
Thursday, Dec. 12 - Parent Functions
Friday, Dec. 13 - Transformations
Monday, Dec. 16 - Finish Transformations/Comparing Functions/Begin Solving in Calculator
Tuesday, Dec. 17 - More solving in calculator/Begin inverses
Wednesday, Dec. 18 - Finish Inverses
Thursday, Dec. 19 - Sequences and Series (yes, only one day :(
Friday, Dec. 20 - Wrap up S&S and begin review activity for break


Unit 7 Flipchart:

Unit 7 Flipchart (as PDF):

Daily Flipchart Printouts:
U7D1 - End of transformations/calculator processes (probably 2 days of activities):

U7D3 - Inverses:

U7D4 - Sequences and Series:

Assessments (no big unit test for this unit, more quizzes/activities throughout)


6 Basic Functions for Algebra 2 Discovery - Students fill out tables, plot points, and find key values:

10 Basic Functions - Same as 6, but expanded (thanks Chris Schotten):

Transformations Discovery - Students discover translation, reflection, and stretch rules:

Important Calculator Processes - Written out for students:

Transformations Worksheet - Skills based sheet on transformations:

These are based on the OLD STANDARDS and PACING - DO NOT USE!!!
Unit 7 Sample Lesson Plans:

For the following project, the students took a three question survey. The three questions I used were:
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you like math class?
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how diligent are you about studying at home?
3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you like attending (your school)?
Then, students analyze using box/whisker, normal curve, and standard deviations. Then, they write a letter to the principal telling how he/she or teachers can use the data to improve their educations.

Sleep Statistics

11-2 Enrichment:

11-7 Enrichment:

Comparing B&W Plots and Frequency Graphs to Written Descriptions (MARS Task):