Unit 6 Flipchart (updated 12/8, FINAL!):

Unit 6 Flipchart PDF (updated 12/6):

Sample Lesson Plans/Pacing (based on flipchart, thanks for typing these up Schotten!):

Flipchart Daily Printouts:

U6D1 (Intro to Trig Ratios, Reciprocal Ratios, Special Right Triangle Review):

U6D2 (Unit Circle, Measuring Angles on a Circle):

U6D3 (Radian Measure):

U6D4 (Trig Graphs Using Spaghetti):

U6D5 (Trig Graphs From Unit Circle, Definitions):

U6D6 (Identity Intro):

U6D7 (Review):


Unit 6 Test (2 forms, includes blank unit circle and then trig on the unit circle and identities):


Intro Discovery to Trig Ratios Using Similar Triangles (thanks Chris Schotten!):

Unit Circle Activity: After reviewing Special Right Triangles, students can use the triangles to locate the points on the unit circle using the lengths of the legs as (x, y) coordinates. The hypotenuse of the attached triangles are equal to the radius of the attached circle.

Trig Graphs (with angle measures labeled on x-axis and x, y, y/x labeled on y-axis):

Trig Graphic Organizer

Unit Circle Enrichment Activity - can get students used to looking at angles with the initial side on the positive x-axis and terminal side rising counterclockwise:

Drawing Trig Graphs Using Spaghetti (Students use string around the unit circle and cut up pieces of spaghetti to draw the parent trig graphs for sin and cos - thanks Chris Schotten! The students LOVED this last year! The activity is on the flipchart/Powerpoint, the sheet here is the higher-level connections they should make):

Trig Identities Cut and Paste Lesson (great find Schotten!):

Trig Identities Riddles (another great find Schotten!):