New Unit 5 - Geometry - Use for 2013-14

Spring 2014 Resources (Updated 4/28, includes gaps determined from Math 2):

Flipchart (Updated 4/19, probably more updates to come):

PDF of Flipchart:

U5D1 - Naming Angles, Lines, Parallel Line/Angle Relationships, Isosceles Triangles:

U5D2 - Basic Proof Format, Parallel Lines and Triangles:

U5D3 - CPCTC Proofs (with Quadrilateral Review):

U5D4 - Special Segments in Triangles/Solving for Sides of Similar Shapes:

U5D5 - Similarity Proofs:

U5D6 - Sector Area, Arc Length, Inscribed Angles:

U5D7 - Tangent/Radius and Chord/Radius Relationships:

U5D8 - Review (same as last semester):

U5D9 - Test (the proof was adjusted to include standards on isosceles triangles):

Fall 2013 Resources - if you still want to take a look!

Promethean Flipcharts/Powerpoints:
Unit 5 - Geometry (Updated 11/20):

Unit 5 - Geometry PDF (Updated 11/20):

SAMPLE Lesson Plans (based on flipchart):

Possible Pacing Ideas:
Mallard Creek - 3 1/2 weeks, from Oct. 28 - Thanksgiving:

West Meck - 2 1/2 weeks, from Nov. 12 - Thanksgiving:

Daily Flipchart Printouts (Flipchart Resources):
U5D1 - Basic Geometry Review -

U5D2 - Intro to Proofs -

U5D3 - CPCTC Proofs -

U5D4 - Similarity Intro (not on flipchart, sub day activity for Leichner):

U5D5 - Similarity Proofs:

U5D6 - Central Angles and Relationships:

U5D7 - Inscribed Angles/Angle Sum Theorem:

U5D8 - Tangent/Chord/Radius Relationships:

Other Resources for Unit:
Geometry Review (thanks Erica Nelson from Mallard Creek, great review of vocab/basic concepts they should already know!):

Link to Blog with scaffolded proofs - gives statements, students provide reasons (thanks Erica Nelson again!):

Unit 5 Task Test (4 tasks on Proving CPCTC Congruence, Proving AA Similarity and Using to Solve, Tangent/Radius Relationship, and Sector Area):

Unit 5 Review:

Unit 5 Test Flipchart (pictures for Tasks 1 and 4, I'm going to show to standard):

Remediation Resources:
Triangle Segments Activity - Students draw and use algebra to show relationships with bisectors, medians, and altitudes:

Similar Triangle Introduction - Introduction to the concept and algebra of similar triangles:

Circle Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunt activity involving angle-arc, segment length, area, and circumference formulas of circles.

OLD UNIT 5, DO NOT USE for 2013-14!!!

Unit 5 Resources

Unit 5 Sample Lesson Plans (I would probably do the graphing first, but since I'm going to be out two days, I changed it around for myself - discuss with your team at school!)

Unit 5 Diagnostic Test (I am giving it non-calculator to see if they understand the concept of fraction operations):

Rational Equations Word Problem Paideia (Do rational expressions always yield the correct answer?):

Unit 5 Test