Unit 4 Resources for Exponentials (Spring 2013-14)
Flipcharts/PDFs: Flipchart (updated 4/8, probably final):

Daily Flipchart Printouts:
Day 1 - Inverse Functions (Gap topic):

Day 2 - Intro to Exponential Functions:

Day 3 - Graphs of Exponentials:

Day 4 - Intro to Logarithms:

Day 5 - Exponential Equations:

Day 6 - Logarithmic Equations:

Day 7 - Natural Logs/e -

Unit 4 Project - Newton's Law of Cooling (Thanks Karen DeSilva for the idea! I adapted it to make this project, but I'll put the original Web site below so you can check it out and make your own!):

Link to project: http://www.ncsec.org/team3/teachers/corpse.html

Other Resources (see the Unit 3 resource page for many more, that's where all the exponential/log stuff from last semester was):
Exponential and Log Equations BINGO (with BINGO boards already printed - thanks Chris Schotten for the template!):

Fall 2013 Statistics Unit 4 Resources:


Unit 4 Flipchart (updated 11/1, much more complete):

Sample Lesson Plans/Pacing:

Daily Flipchart Printouts:

U4D2 - Sampling Methods

U4D3 - Standard Deviation

U4D4 - Normal Curve (based on Chris Schotten's Activity)

U4D5 - Class Survey Activity (currently on flipchart, Word doc to follow)


Gallup Poll Primary Source on Obama Quarterly Approval Rating (with text-dependent questions - hits lots of buzz words!):

Standard Normal Curve Discovery - Thanks Chris Schotten!


Introductory Statistics Video - Thanks Shawne Hammett!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHXadaW_lso&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Data Presentation Video - Thanks Shawne Hammett!:


Conceptual Quiz (sampling methods, study methods, etc., group activity):

Procedural Quiz (standard deviation, normal curve, percentages, etc.) - Thanks for finding this Shawne Hammett! This is also very editable if you want:

Unit Project (choice project):

Stats Unit Assessment (Thanks Olivia Kantwell! This does not have the normal curve on it, but has great choice activities for the conceptual aspects of the unit. Rubric also included):

(I left them up here as resources for other units, but please do not use now!!!)

Sample Lesson Plans (based on flipchart pacing):

Diagnostic Test:

Performance Task - Using Radicals to Solve Area Equations:

Performance Task - Solving Higher-Order Equations with Real and Complex Answers (use after solving 3rd-degree but before doing any higher!):
Quadratic Roots Discovery (Discriminant Determines Roots):

Imaginary Numbers Discovery (Students discover the pattern of i to various powers):

Explanation of Writing Quadratic Equations from Complex Roots:

Sum of Squares Activity - Students discover how to solve sums of perfect squares = 0:

Unit 4 Part 1 Quiz - 2 forms of Multiple Choice in Examview Format:

Unit 4 Part 1 Quiz - 2 forms of Open-Ended in Word Format (same questions, no answer choices!)

Matching Activity for Logarithmic/Exponential Functions (on pg. 10, they cut out and match up the logarithmic and exponential representations of the same expressions; pgs. 11 - 13 have 3 more activities that get progressively harder):

Transformations of Exponential Functions Tasks

M&M Activity (One Version)

Exponential Function Activity:

Performance Task Activities (APS):

Performance Task - Exponential Growth and Decay:

Doubling Time Discovery:

Properties of Logarithms Discovery: