New Promethean Flipcharts/PDF, SPRING 2014

Unit 2 Flipchart (Edited 3/9, just about complete!):

Unit 2 PDF (Edited 3/4, more edits to come):

Daily Flipchart Printouts, SPRING 2014

U2D1 - Completing the Square:

U2D2 - Equation of a Circle:

U2D3 - Focus and Directrix of a Parabola (updated 3/2):

U2D4 - Radical Operations/Intro to Imaginary Numbers:

U2D5 - Complex Solutions:

U2D6 - Flex/Complex Solutions to Higher-Order Polynomials/Fundamental Theorem of Algebra:

U2D7 - Power/Radical Equations -

U2D8 - Extraneous Solutions/Radical Graphs

U2D9 - Test Review Gallery Crawl Posters -

U2D10 - Skills Test -

U2D11 - Task Test -

Promethean Flipcharts/Powerpoints (Feel free to use/edit):
Unit 2 Flipcharts (SOMEWHAT completed, 9/24):

Unit 2 Flipchart (different order, 10/7):
Unit 2 PDF (NOT completed, 8/18):

SAMPLE Lesson Plans based on Flipchart (note - the dates are off on these, but the content is mostly on!)

Resources Referenced on Unit Guide:
Quadratic Equations Paideia - Students will determine when each process is best for solving quadratics:

Power vs. Radical Equations Discovery - Students solve, compare, and contrast power and radical equations to the process and number of solutions:

Discovery Lesson on Relationship of Focus to Parabola - Hands-on discovery showing the importance and meaning of the focus of a parabola:

Discovery on Conjugates Canceling - Simple discovery shows students why and how conjugates yield rational numbers when multiplied.

Discovery on Rationalizing Denominators - Students discover why conjugates are necessary for two terms in a denominator but not for one.

i Powers Discovery - Students see the pattern of i to various powers. (The format of this can be very improved - if anyone has ideas, I'd appreciate it, I've been messing with it for 3 years!)

Quadratic Roots Discovery - Students discover the relationship between the discriminant, graph, and number/types of solutions to quadratics.

Other Resources:

Solving Higher-Order Equations - Students solve a 5th degree equation with two complex solutions. Use after solving a cubic with two complex solutions - possible Paideia.

Radicals and Area - Students have to set up and solve (by rationalizing denominators and using the calculator) area problems with radicals.

Sums of Squares Discovery - Students solve equations with the sums of perfect squares (instead of difference) to see a pattern with imaginary numbers.

Writing Polynomials from Real and Complex Roots - Students are led through a series of questions to write polynomials given roots they determine.

Equations of Circles and Gingerbread Man Cookies - A really cool task from Fran Romain (Mallard Creek) about finding the right equation of a circle to make a gingerbread cookie!

Curriculum Day Powerpoint on Unit 2 - This Powerpoint has SEVERAL awesome resources that you can use to teach our standards, especially the circles! Thanks Fran Romain from Mallard Creek!

Possible Remediation Resources:

For this unit, I pretty much combined these quizzes/tasks into a test grade. I also included the sum of squares discovery above.
Equations of Circles Quiz (includes the gingerbread man):

Performance Task - Solving Higher-Order Equations (3 real roots, 2 imaginary):

Performance Task - Radical Equations and the Beaufort Wind Scale: