2014 Spring Final Exam Review Materials
Review Study Guide - paced to six days, fill in the blank:

Released MSL/old EOC Problems aligned by standard to review days, paced to 6 days:

Review Flipchart (pretty much the study guide and problems copied and pasted!):
Final Review Flipchart with answers filled in (excuse my messy handwriting!) If you see any mistakes or anything you think could be worded better, please let me know that too!

2014 Spring Midterms (Polynomials, Complex, Stats)

Midterm Review Flipchart -

From Mallard Creek - thanks! (Note: For constructed response, graphs need to be added.)

2013 and later FINAL EXAMS - refer to these! They are aligned to the new standards and released MSLs.

Final Exam Study Guide (Fill-in-the-blank):

Final Exam Study Guide (with fill-in-the-blanks filled in):

Final Exam Review Problems (about 10 multiple-choice problems per day of review):

Final Exam Review Flipchart (Study Guide and Problems by day, Day 1 SG and problems broken into 2 days):

Final Exam Review PDF (Study Guide and Problems by day, Day 1 SG and problems broken into 2 days):

2013 and later valid midterms - REFER TO THESE! They are based on current standards/pacing.

Midterm Form A:

Midterm Form B:

Midterm Tasks (thanks Shawne Hammett and Chris Schotten!):

Midterm Review:

Midterm Review Hints:

Midterm Review Completed with Work:

Midterm Review - Key First Semester Concepts (as guided notes):

Midterm Review Flipchart (updated 10/21, has key first semester concepts, one example problem to model how students can use the hints to work through problems, will be updated after tomorrow when I see what my students really struggle with):

For 2013 and later, DON'T USE THESE - THEY ARE BASED ON OLD STANDARDS AND PACING!!! I am only leaving them here as a resource/problem bank as needed.

Midterm Resources

Final Exam Resources

SPRING 2013 Five Day MSL/Final Review Study Guide (based on what the MSL might be like??? Can be used with the practice questions posted below.)

SPRING 2013 Practice Questions (Five Days, including Constructed Response) for MSL/Final Review:

Seven Day Final Review Study Guide (based on the West Mecklenburg Final):

West Mecklenburg High School Final Exam (we would be honored if you would use it too so we can share data!)

It is 3 sections: 20 multiple choice non-calculator, 20 multiple choice with calculator, and 15 performance tasks with calculator.

Grading: For honors, each MC question is 1 point, each task is 5 points. The total is 115 out of 100, so students can skip 3 tasks (or miss 3 tasks) and still get a 100.
For standard, each MC question is 1 point, each task is 6 points. The total 130 out of 100, so students can skip 5 tasks (or miss 5 tasks) and still get a 100.

Timing: We give about 1 hour for the non-calculator, then students can portion the rest of the time as needed when they have their calculators. It should be about 1 hour for the with calculator multiple choice and 3 hours for the performance tasks. (It will take up the whole 5 hour block for many students!)

Forms: We have four forms made. On the multiple choice, the questions/answers are scrambled, and on the tasks some numbers are changed. (Not all, but enough to catch any cheaters.)

Here they are!

Form A - Non-Calculator MC -

Form A - With Calculator MC -

Form A - Tasks -

Form B - Non-Calculator MC -

Form B - With Calculator MC -

Form B - Tasks -

Form C - Non-Calculator MC -

Form C - With Calculator MC -

Form C - Tasks -

Form D - Non-Calculator MC -

Form D - Calculator MC -

Form D - Tasks -

North Mecklenburg High School Final (with an Honors version as well):