Sample Pacing Guide (by unit and standard) from the teachers at the CMS Summer Institute - thanks for the hard work! Again, this is a SAMPLE, but it is a great resource! - Web site containing explanations and resources for each individual standard in the CCSS! To access, go to the resources tab and scroll down to the standard you're looking for. Thanks Mallard Creek Team!!

Possible Pacing for Exponential/Logs Unit:

Possible Pacing for Statistics Unit:

Butler High School Honors Pacing Guide (Thanks Morgan Olin for sending it to me!):

Hough High School Pacing Guides (Thanks Melodie Hunt! The first is the current one, the second is possible revisions for next year.)

Foundations of Math 3 Necessary Skills by Unit (Created by the Math 3 Team at the Curriculum Day PD - I don't remember all the names who were there to credit, but I know there were teachers from South Meck, Independence, Hough, and East, among others - please let me know who you were! Collaboration across the district is big on evaluations!)

Here is a Lesson Plan Template with Drop Down Boxes for Common Core and Math Practices. Use as you like. -Lita

Group Work Self-Evaluation - For student groups to evaluate their work and their group processes.

Instructional Videos (Khan Academy Style) from William Mealey and the South Mecklenburg HS team:

First 3 Days Flipchart (Investment and Initial Tasks):

First 3 Days PDF (Investment and Initial Tasks):

Paideia Tips - Some pointers to remember for how to run a successful Paideia! Remember, it can definitely be adapted for your class/personality/situation, but still let the students do the discovery.

Paideia Example Video
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